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TAHITIAN NONI® Original™ - This could be the most important natural health discovery in decades!
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Tahitian Noni® Original
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Tahitian Noni®Original



                                                                  'So Much More Than Just A Noni Juice'       

           Traditional Polynesian Cultures have passed on stories of how the ‘Tahitian Medicine Men’
           used the noni fruit to benefit the health of Polynesian’s from generation to generation. Today the tradition
           continues as satisfied customers and consultants the world over, share their stories. They tell of how their  
           lives have been changed for the better by the gift of the
TAHITIAN NONI® Original and the Morinda
Noni Bioactive Beverages.

           When we explore the history of the noni among the islanders of the South Pacific, we can begin to appreciate
           how much the islander’s value this plant. Their trust is not just limited to the fruit but also to the use of the noni
           leaves and seeds.

'So Much More Than Just A Noni Juice'

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           Morinda Inc., is the producer of this exclusive original beverage. The Morinda scientist and                      research team created Tahitian Noni® Originalby first harvesting the fruit (at its peak readiness), then                        extracting the puree of the noni fruit. The puree is then sent to the bottling facility where a unique flavoring                    system adds a proprietary Original blend of natural grape and blueberry juice concentrates. The result is                        a product rich in flavor and an exclusive formula that works synergistically to enhance the extra-ordinary
          benefits of the noni.


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          The grape, blueberry and noni fruits are documented to have health benefits that include antioxidant activity.
         These three natural juices - of which noni plays the predominate role - work together in synergy. The grape
         and berry work together to magnify the benefits of the noni.

          Morinda Inc. owns every step of the noni production in bringing the
Tahitian Noni® Original™                       bioactive beverage from the tree, to the bottle, to you.

           'So Much More Than Just A Noni Juice'


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