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Age and TrūAge


Two Very

Different Things



No one wants to feel old. As we all continue to grow older in years, we don't want to start feeling old. I think everyone would agree that feeling and looking younger longer is something we all desire for ourselves.

As we move up in years, age shouldn't determine our worth. Age, that is measured by the number of birthdays that we have celebrated does not have to limit our lifestyle.

Take More Control.........

Start managing your AGE levels so that you can start living your TrūAge™.

The Morinda research department has developed products that have evidenced positive effects that have clinically been shown to lower your AGE levels. This could be a life changer for many people.

There are many living in today's high stress, high tech environments, who feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed and physically spent. They just don't feel as young as they once did. To compensate someone may have adapted their lifestyle to the physical and mental limitations of life's circumstances.

So how might we live younger, longer, and reduce and even reverse some of the negative effects of our current AGE levels. In other words, start living our TrūAge™.


First, we need to differentiate between age and TrūAge™. These are two very different things. Our age is a number that is measured by the number of years that have passed since the year you were born.  TrūAge™, on the other hand, is a term used to describe your internal age, how your body feels or the level at which your body looks and performs every day. Your TrūAge™ is based on the number of AGEs in your body.


The good and hopeful news is that our TrūAge™ is not a permanent number. If we had it measured and the result was that we have a high TruAge™, it's not a situation without a lot of hope.

Morinda, is a leading voice in AGE management, and they are devoted to developing products that can lower your AGEs. Fortunately, one  of those products has already been clinically shown to lower your AGE levels by up to 24 percent in only four weeks. These results provide all of us with an opportunity to become proactive and discover how we can start lowering our TrūAge™ today, and live a healthier, younger and longer life.



AGEs are destructive, toxic, corrosive compounds that cause serious damage to our bodies, inside and out. They attach to and feed on healthy cells, organs, bones and joints, hastening the effects of premature aging. Additionally, AGEs have been linked to serious health concerns like diabetes and heart, brain and kidney health. It’s important to reduce your AGE levels and manage them effectively.

In addition to drinking TrūAge™ Max (or our  TrūAge™ Extra, TrūAge™ Pure or Original Tahitian Noni) every day, there are additional proven ways to improve and manage your AGE levels that involve making better lifestyle choices.

Keep in mind that the TrūAge™ is our most powerful product to assist you in reaping of the benefits of reducing your AGE level. The best defense
is a powerful offense and TrūAge™ Max offers the maximum number of iridods to defend against aggressive AGEs.

Good Ways to Help Reduce & Manage AGEs

1. Eat a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables

2. Steam or boil your foods instead of browning or
     barbecuing them

3. Avoid alcohol and tobacco products

4. Get plenty of sleep every night

5. Control your stress levels

6. Exercise moderately every day

AGEs don’t have to slow you down. With some commitment, hard work and  TrūAge™ Max (and other Morinda TrūAge™ products), you can get back to living healthier, younger, longer*.


AGEs have been studied at the scientific level since the late 1980s. Since the first AGE-related articles were published in scientific journals in 1989, AGE research has grown exponentially. The discovery of the health risks related to high AGE levels has been called the health story of a generation.

By learning about AGEs, you have taken an important step in the journey to better health. Now do your friends and family a favor by sharing this important information with them.

                      * These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.


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