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TAHITIAN NONI® Original™ - This could be the most important natural health discovery in decades!
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Authentic Tahitian Noni® Original


'So Much More Than Just A Noni Juice'

         Tahitian Noni®Originalis the only Original Tahitian Noni® Juice bioactive
           beverage that is
available in the original patented tall and uniquely designed green glass

          The Noni used by Morinda, is an exotic fruit discovery from the tropical islands known                                            as French Polynesia. The islands provide the perfect greenhouse in which to grow Noni                   
           (the Polynesian word for what the fruit botanists know as Morinda citrifolia).                          

Authentic Tahitian Noni®Original  is patterned after the ancient                               recipes and practices of the peoples of the French Polynesia. They knew the marvelous secrets
           behind the noni and good health for thousands of years. It was 1996 when Morinda Inc., first
           introduced 'Tahitian Noni® Original™. Since 1996  hundreds have tried to copy this extraordinary
           product but none can duplicate the scientific footprint nor the results of the 'Tahitian Noni® Original,
           or any of the
TruAgeMorinda citrifolia (noni) products.


                                                                          Video Content © by Morinda Inc./Tahitian Noni International/, Inc.Morinda Bioactives
                                                               'So Much More Than Just A Noni Juice'

                        In 2010 Morinda added a term to better describe how science had proven their unique product
                          was more than a super-fruit juice, it was a 'bioactive beverage'. The 'Tahitian Noni® Original'
                          is the same product that has been used by millions of people around the world for years. The
                          inclusion of 'bioactive beverage' and later the term 'iriods', identified the 'Tahitian Noni® Original'
                          as a special product. Documented research placed this unique product into an exclusive category
                          that separated it from being just a fruit juice.

             The noni and the blueberry used in the Tahitian Noni® Original™, contain 150 different phytonutrients
             and 13 different types of iridoids. These 'iridoids', have been scientifically proven to eliminate harmful
             free radicals, maintain healthy HDL cholesterol.


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