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TAHITIAN NONI® Original™ - This could be the most important natural health discovery in decades!
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Tahitian Noni® Original
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Authentic Tahitian Noni® Original

         Tahitian Noni®Originalis the only Original Tahitian Noni® Juice bioactive beverage that is available
          in the original patented tall and uniquely designed green glass bottle. Noni used by Morinda, is an exotic fruit  
          discovery from the tropical islands known as French Polynesia. The islands provide the perfect greenhouse   
          in which to grow Noni (the Polynesian word for what the fruit botanists know as Morinda citrifolia).

This Authentic Tahitian Noni® Originalis patterned after the ancient recipes and practices of the  
          peoples of the French Polynesia. They knew the marvelous secrets behind the noni and good
health for   
          thousands of years. It was 1996 when Morinda Inc., first introduced
'Tahitian Noni® Original™. Since 1996
          hundreds have tried to copy this extraordinary product but none can duplicate the scientific footprint nor the
          results of the
'Tahitian Noni® Original, or any of the TruAgeMorinda citrifolia (noni) products.

In 2010 Morinda added a term to better describe how science had proven their unique product was more than
          a super-fruit juice, it was a 'bioactive beverage'. The
'Tahitian Noni® Original' is the same product that has
          been used by millions of people around the world for years. The inclusion of 'bioactive beverage' and later the
          term 'iriods', identified the 'Tahitian Noni® Original' as a special product. Documented research placed this
          unique product into an exclusive category that separated it from being just a fruit juice.

          The noni and the blueberry used in the Tahitian Noni® Original, contain 150 different phytonutrients and 13
          different types of iridoids. These 'iridoids', have been scientifically proven to eliminate harmful free radicals,  
          maintain healthy HDL cholesterol at existing normal levels, increase energy, promote heart health, boost the  
          immune system, support DNA, and support healthy brain activity. The efficacy of Tahitian Noni
® Original
          be supported by
14 human clinical studies.


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           Morinda Inc., is the producer of this exclusive original beverage. The Morinda scientist and research
           team created Tahitian Noni
® Originalby first harvesting the fruit (at its peak readiness), then extracting
           the puree of the noni fruit. The puree is then sent to the bottling facility where a unique flavoring system
           adds a proprietary Original blend of natural grape and blueberry juice concentrates. The result is a product
           rich in flavor and an exclusive formula that works synergistically to enhance the extra-ordinary benefits
           of the noni.


           The grape, blueberry and noni fruits are documented to have health benefits that include antioxidant activity.
           These three natural juices - of which noni plays the predominate role - work together in synergy. The grape
           and berry work together to magnify the benefits of the noni.


           Morinda Inc. owns every step of the noni production in bringing the Tahitian Noni® Original bioactive
           beverage from the tree, to the bottle, to you.


        Traditional Polynesian Cultures have passed on stories of how the ‘Tahitian Medicine Men’
 used the noni fruit to benefit the health of Polynesian’s from generation to generation. Today the tradition
           continues as satisfied customers and consultants the world over, share their stories. They tell of how their  
           lives have been changed for the better by the gift of the
TAHITIAN NONI® Original bioactive beverage

           When we explore the history of the noni among the islanders of the South Pacific, we can begin to appreciate
           how much the islander’s value this plant. Their trust is not just limited to the fruit but also to the use of the noni
           leaves and seeds

D. Cooper - Pearl

An Independent Morinda Product Consultant - IPC: 8723 -Since 1996
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